Brain Surgery

One of the best brain and spine surgery departments in Patna, Advanced Neuro Hospital is known for having the best Neurosurgeons in Patna. Brain surgery refers to a variety of medical practices that involve repairing structural problems in the brain.

There are several types of brain surgery. The type has to be performed depends on the area of the brain and the condition being treated. Advancement of medical technology has allowed our surgeons to operate on portions of the brain without a single incision in or near the head.

Reason to perform a brain surgery

To stabilise the various abnormalities in the brain, it is important to perform brain surgery. Abnormalities or defect in the brain can be caused by birth, injury, disease or other reasons.
You may have to go through a brain surgery if you are facing the conditions mentioned below:

Risks of brain surgery

One of the most crucial parts of the body, the brain is a complex area. Almost every surgery carries risk but brain and spine surgery is a medical task that is performed with utmost care. Some risks related to brain surgery are mentioned below:

Brain Surgery Procedures