Neurology Department of Advanced Neuro Hospital is committed to integrating their exceptional medical expertise, technology and innovation to offer world-class treatments. With the leading panel of doctors, surgeons and nursing staff who offer cutting-edge diagnosis using the latest neuroimaging techniques, Advanced Neuro Hospital is the best neuro hospital in Patna.

We have the best Neuro Physicians in Patna who are highly skilled and experienced working under the supervision of Dr Udayan Narayan.

The Neurology Department provides treatment for people with various neurological disorders mentioned below.

Pediatric Neurology

Concerned with the neurological disorders of children under the age of 18 years, pediatric neurology is no more an uncommon treatment. Several children are suffering from neurological disorders in Patna.

A pediatric neurologist’s foremost duty is to treat disorders of peripheral, central and autonomous nervous systems. Their prime goal is to tackle the exceptional symptoms of epilepsy in children.

The kind of neurological disorders in children include

Medical Procedures of Neurology